The REACH Empire

Ask me anything   Art, fiction, and discussion that will try to contain more of a focus on the REACH, the main nemesis of Jaime Reyes, the current and third Blue Beetle. This includes more known characters such as the Negotiator, Dawur, and Khaji Da himself, but will also be a collection place of sorts to gather media related to the REACH, including REACH designs, ships, weapons, culture. And don't worry, even though we try to focus on REACH media, Jaime Reyes will find his way onto this Tumblr as well! .

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The Reach in real life!


Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle
B’arzz-O’oomm/Green Beetle
Khaji Da - the name of the scarab on his back
Reach Ambassador (Young Justice cartoon) or Reach Negotiator (comics version)
Black Beetle
Oh, and don't forget the minions too!

PAIRING TAGS DO NOT EXIST ON THIS BLOG past 1.12.13 (exceptions at the very bottom!)

Since this blog is focused solely on the Reach and Jaime, if you have a pairing like say... wonderbeetle, which is Cassie and Jaime, just look at the tag for Cassie Sandsmark. Some older entries will be labeled jaime reyes x cassie sandsmark, but from past this date, if you want to see any wonderbeetle related media, just look at the Cassie Sandsmark tag on this tumblr. If you want any pairing related to Bart Allen, just look at the Bart Allen tag. This applies to any pairing you can think of. This was done just to consolidate tags since some of them were a bit too long.

The only pairing tags will continue to be used are pairings that involve Jaime, Khaji Da, the Negotiator/the Ambassador, Dawur/Black Beetle, the Reach, and any combination, as these will obviously be the most common tags. Because these characters are so common, we can label those pairings.

The REACH appearances in Young Justice 2x12 “The Fix” Part 2 of 3

Feel free to use for icons, memes, reference, etc! ^^ Credit to this club would be greatly appreciated! ^^ Thank you for looking guys!

This particular photo set focuses on the Green Beetle (B’arzz O’oomm) and appearances by Impulse (Bart Allen) and Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes).

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